Who We Are

Who we are and what makes us different

Our story

We believe in more than just regular peanut butter.

“I’ve always been nuts about peanut butter. But after all those years of eating plain peanut butter, I felt like there was something missing – as if there was something out there even better than just peanut butter itself.
One day as I began contemplating about peanut butter while sipping my coffee, I realized that peanut butter did not always have to taste the same! Life is full of surprises and peanut butter should be too. I could transform my tasteless toast into an explosion of rich, chocolate cake with a peanut butter based, chocolate cake spread – or replace my morning coffee with one that tasted just like coffee.
That’s where the beginning of Mr. Peanutbutter’s started.”
– Steve Bonomo  (Co-Founder), Connoisseur of Peanut Butter

What makes us different

We create peanut butter in flavours you dream about.

Perfect to use as a delicious dip, or turning your everyday bagel into an instant treat – the uses of Mr. Peanutbutter’s gourmet, flavoured peanut butter are as endless as your imagination!
Our peanut butter jars are skillfully handcrafted in small batches using REAL peanuts. After investing in the creation of each individual flavour, and perfecting it down to the last bite, we are excited to bring you over 100 flavours to choose from, including a protein-infused line and seasonal exclusives.
We are committed to continuously introduce new mouth-watering flavours. Our vision is to change the way you think about peanut butter with our ever-expanding list of flavours and types.
Made proudly in Toronto, Mr. Peanutbutter’s ships to anywhere in Canada.
Go ahead – have a taste and see what the big deal is about!